Webinar Registration Page: Awaken Spiritual Gifts

Master Class: The 4 Step Process to Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts

I've given hundreds of Clairvoyant Readings to date, but when I think back to when I first started, I have to smile.

I was so scared, so nervous. Did I have a talent? Could I contribute to people? I lacked confidence. I didn't trust myself. And truly, I didn't have much experience. 

So I spent years in psychic school + I practiced and practiced. Today, I know I can read anyone, anytime, anywhere. I'm confident in my gifts + I know what they are. It's my passion to share my talents with you + to support you in living your soul's work.

Want to know how I embraced my gifts + gained confidence? Sign up for my new master class and feel awesome about sharing yourself with the world!


What: Master Class Webinar for healers, spiritual teachers, psychics and intuitives

When: January 17th at 1:00 p.m. MT

Why: Because the time is NOW!

This class is for you if...

  • You want to awaken your spiritual gifts
  • You're ready to go to the next level in your life's work
  • You have a big gift to give but you're not sure how to fully claim it
  • You want to open your 6th sense + feel safe doing so
  • You're ready to clear blocks to receiving
  • You're ready to be more conscious and aware of your energy
  • You're done taking on other's pain

It's time to embrace your gifts.  

Here's how this class will help.

Learn to Ground the Psychic Way

Run Healing Energies

Restore Communion with the Earth

Transmute blocks through all time/space

Clean, heal + repair your aura

Connect with guides

Learn to replenish your energy 

Raise your vibration so you can manifest

You'll Learn: 

1. The #1 reason we have blocks + what they actually are

2. The reason blocks stay stuck

3. How to clear blocks once and for all so you can run more of your soul's energy through your body

4. The 4 Step Process to Awaken Spiritual Gifts  


What: Master Class Webinar

When: January 17th, 2017 @ 1pm MST

Why: Because your spirit needs it!

Not sure if you have spiritual gifts or talents?

I used to struggle with this. I felt like there MUST be something more to my life. I looked at the readers and spiritual healers I went to and wished I had a talent or a gift.  

If you're anything like me, you may have grown up in a school or a community where some children were labeled as gifted. Others, like me, were left to sit with our apparent lack of God-given gifts.  

I wondered, why I had been forsaken? Why didn't I have talents or gifts? What was wrong with me?  

Over the years, I figured something out...I had incredible talents. Beautiful gifts.  

However, they were beyond the awareness of most people I was around. They weren't recognized as gifts. People were so busy with math + science tests that no one ever bothered to be aware of abilities beyond what the eyes could see.  

When I began to dream of the future, I realized something was happening to me.  

Sometimes, our gifts don't even come fully on deck until we're older.  

Now, I have a spiritual talent that I use to impact my life and that of the people around me who are open + willing to receive.  

Are you sitting on a spiritual talent that was overlooked?  

After years of strange psychic experiences, I finally enrolled in psychic school. There, I learned how to read people. I practiced my clairvoyance, read auras, chakras and past-lives and discovered that we're all psychic, but only some of us will choose to grow these gifts.  

Are you one of us?  

If you think you're here with a big purpose, if you desire to give in a larger way, if you want to help people and share your talents + you have spiritual gifts, then you're sitting on an untapped gold mine.  

I don't want anyone to be held back the way I was! I'm here to remind all of us that we matter, we're talented, and most of our gifts are unseen.  

That's why next week on Thursday, January 17th, I'm hosting a free live training to show you how to can awaken and validate your spiritual gifts, bringing them in on a whole new level! 

Come find out how I went from full-time elementary school teacher to Clairvoyant Healer, reading hundreds of people from all over the world!

So... are you in?